The Bekins Agent Network: How it Works

The Bekins agent network is among the best in the moving business thanks to our dedication to working with qualified, expert moving professionals. Here’s how it all works:


Bekins/Agent Relationship

Bekins works with hundreds of independently owned and operated moving companies across the country to provide moving services. These are our agents, and they help make us a full-service moving company.

When a moving company becomes a Bekins agent, they sign an agency agreement with us that usually lasts from five to ten years. Upon signing the agreement with us, they are legally allowed to become an interstate moving company, which is necessary under federal law so that they can move people from state to state.

Our agents provide our moving services, whether that means packing, storage, or the actual transportation for relocation. If you’re interested in getting an estimate or finding a local agent for your interstate move, click here.

Agent/Driver Relationship

Bekins employs long-haul drivers who are under direct contract to us. As such, they are not affiliated with any local agent, and are simply Bekins employees. They work together with our agents to ensure our customers have a worry-free move. Our agents, however, have their own drivers as well. If you move with Bekins, you might work with an agent driver, or one of the drivers under direct contract to us. This depends on your location, the timing of your move, and various other factors. Whether you work with an actual Bekins driver or a Bekins agent driver doesn’t matter, however—our quality controls and commitment to excellence are the same for each.


If you have an interstate move coming up, we’ll help you find a local agent. It’s fast, easy, and will put you on the road to a worry-free move.