We want every move to go perfectly, but sometimes there are bumps in the road. When mistakes happen, Bekins wants to ensure we do everything we can to resolve the problem. If you need information or help filing a claim for damage to one of your items, our professional claims representatives can help. Just call 1-800-992-5202 and dial option 3 for a claims representative.

If you’ve experienced loss or damage to your belongings, do not discard or repair anything without prior authorization from Bekins, as we reserve the right to inspect all items. The packing containers and material should be saved in the event of concealed packing damage, and, if possible, the item should be left in the carton for our inspection.

For your convenience, a claim form can be downloaded and submitted to our claims department within nine months of the date of delivery to your residence. If your goods are placed into storage-in-transit, and remain in storage for an excess of 180 days, you have nine months from the date of conversion to permanent storage to submit your claim. A claims adjuster will be assigned to review the claim and contact you, if necessary, with any further instructions.

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