Packing valuable breakable items

How to Pack Valuable Fragile Items

One of the most stressful aspects of moving is worrying about your fragile possessions. Will they survive transport from one place to another? Will you open the boxes in your new home only to find everything you love busted? Are you going to find all your things ruined, eaten by… Continue reading.

Recycling logo on brown paper

How to Make Your Move Eco-Friendly

Living an eco-friendly, green life is a priority to many individuals today. There are a lot of different ways people achieve these goals. Some focus on keeping their food consumption low-impact by buying and eating as locally and seasonally as possible or cutting out meat. Others devote themselves to using… Continue reading.

Stacks of moving boxes. "What can I do with leftover moving boxes?"

What Can I Do With Leftover Moving Boxes?

The work doesn’t end when moving day is over, even if we wish it did. Once you’ve made your move and successfully unpacked, you have something new to deal with: boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. If you’re organized, then they’re all folded up and put away. If you’re slightly… Continue reading.

Woman holding a box labelled "fragile" along side several other moving boxes

What Are the Scariest Things to Move?

Moving isn’t always fun. Sometimes it can be downright frightening… especially if you have to deal with particularly fragile and tough-to-move items. Any of these problematic household objects can make your move a horror story really quickly. Fortunately, they don’t have to. After all, the story of your move is… Continue reading.

4 Tips for a Successful Coffee Shop Relocation

4 Tips for a Successful Coffee Shop Relocation

Relocating your coffee shop is exciting, but it’s a lot like holding a cup that’s brimming over with organizational and physical tasks that needed to be done yesterday. Stay focused on the future as you plan and execute your coffee shop move. Here are four ways to make your relocation… Continue reading.

pack framed art

How to Pack Framed Art and Posters

With proper protection, your favorite framed art and movie posters will survive your move and grace your new walls for many years to come. Follow these tips as you prepare your framed art and posters for your relocation. Packing Framed Art Use specialty boxes made especially for framed artwork when… Continue reading.


4 Strategies for a Smooth Unpacking Experience

Unpacking your belongings in your new home is the final step in the relocation process. By this stage, you may be weary and wonder how you’ll make it through the last leg of your moving journey. As you plan your relocation, keep these four tips in mind for a smoother… Continue reading.